Electronics in your home or business are to improve your life; enjoyment, quality time and peace of mind.

We were looking to bring a television into our retail space but were concerned about how we could integrate it to match our brand and the atmosphere of the store. PMWYRE suggested the Seura Vanishing Series TV which transforms into a mirror – perfect for an Optical Boutique. They also custom designed and fabricated the television frame for a seamless integration into the design and style of Specs on Pearl, making the piece functional as both a tv and as a mirror. The television has now become a beautiful focal point within our store, and has created the perfect spot for our customers to lounge. We have had nothing but rave reviews from our clients and vendors… but one of the best parts is that we love that we can flip on the PGA on Saturday afternoons.

Beth | Owner – Specs on Pearl

We provide sensible electronic solutions for:


Creating a custom sound system for home or work space isn’t only for music aficionados anymore. We have solutions that fit your life, your needs and your budget.


Yes you can view movies on a watch today – but even though entertainment is more accessible, you don’t have to compromise on quality of your experience. Let us show you how.


Managing the various components in your space from your HVAC system to your Sound system is easier than you might think. We’ve got a host of options for residential and commercial needs.


Whether you are interested in managing lighting costs, or optimizing lighting for security or comfort, we have options that will meet your fiscal needs and your design desires.


Looking for a system that takes your home or business security to a new level? Your various systems can and should talk to each other… and we can show you how.


So you have WIFI – but is it functioning the way you want? Is the infrastructure supporting your business sufficient for today or for your growing needs? Let’s talk.

Energy Use

Looking to maximize efficiency, be environmentally conscious, and minimize overall operational costs? Whether you are just dipping your toe in the water or ready to take the full plunge, you’ll be amazed at how some simple changes can optimize your efficiency.

Outdoor Living

Interested in keeping your technology outdoors year round? We have audio, video and automation systems that are built to withstand rain, heat, and even the coldest Canadian winters.


No longer just for ultra-modern homes, today you can automate traditional custom draperies and choose your custom fabrics for blinds.

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