So you have WIFI – but is it functioning the way you want? Is the infrastructure supporting your business sufficient for today or for your growing needs? Let’s talk.


No office, boardroom, bathroom, lobby or retail space is complete without speakers. At PMWYRE we will work with you to design and install discreet sound solutions for all the rooms in your office or retail space.
All of the in-wall and in-ceiling speakers that we carry feature an ultra-low profile, micro perforated grill with no visible bezel, which are paintable for a nearly invisible integration.
We also offer completely custom solutions for acoustic paneling. Panels that you can have custom printed to carry your logo or your company’s vision statement. At PMWYRE we will work with your Interior Designer to create a completely custom look with all the functionality of a traditional panel.


This isn’t your father’s office. You want to bring your sense of style and your brand to life within your business space… And have a little fun too!
You want your business space to inspire your team, to invite your clients to linger and make their buying decisions in comfort. And as you are spending more of your life there – you want the space to be functional and fun!
Your business is an important element of your life, your personality. And so your work space should reflect your tastes, your brand. Whether your commercial space is customer-facing or is “just for your team”, an integrated sound system, lighting options and well-placed screens can create an atmosphere that reflects your brand and brings your space to life for you and for your customers.


The business of office automation has taken off in the last decade, but it doesn’t have to be complicated.
Let us work with your IT Department to streamline the technology in your office so that you can focus on your clients and your meetings, instead of managing the technology.


Lighting your business can be a huge cost. Remember when every office tower was lit up all night because it cost less to keep the lights on?
Today, with smart Green initiatives, you don’t have to choose between being energy efficient and saving your business money.
Managing the costs in your business starts with optimizing the lighting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This includes not only controlling the actual lights, but complementing your lighting system with automated window shades, and integrated heating systems to manage the temperature for comfort and efficiency. We have solutions that are simple to program, simple to adjust,and are completely backed up…. just in case.
We can help you make your business instantly Greener with these Energy Saving Lighting Solutions.


Keeping your business running smoothly and reliably isn’t a luxury – it is a necessity. We install and maintain technical solutions that will secure your commercial space and your business systems 24/7.
We have secured relationships with first class manufacturers with strong reputations for product quality, quality guarantees and ongoing product support.
We work with our clients to provide hardware and infrastructure that delivers first class performance and tier one security of information while maximizing system uptimes.
We are experienced in delivering the following security solutions to our corporate client base:
+ Integrated camera, security, fire and door strike systems
+ Structured and Integrated cabling solutions for networks including all IT, VOIP, security and fire
+ Secure, remote access to systems and security


Control your shades, control your costs. And manage the comfort of employees and customers year round.
One of the simpliest ways to manage the comfort of your commercial space, for employees in offices, on the plant floor, or for customers to your business is to automate your shades.
Not only will your employees thank-you for creating a more controlled climate, but you will also save on your energy costs.  Controllable window shades can save you 10% on heating and cooling costs by blocking the sun’s rays in the summer and letting sun in to warm a room during colder months.
And, with so many design options available now, window treatments can be practical, while still fitting the design aesthetic of your commercial or retail space.

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