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What Does Custom Mean? Let’s Talk Home Security

There is nothing more important than feeling safe in your own home – or even when you’re away from it. Your items are precious, but even more so, the people that you love. While home security systems have been around for decades, with growing…

What Does Custom Mean? Let’s Talk About Outdoor Entertainment: TVs and Custom Shades

While summer parties and backyard barbecues have taken a bit of a hiatus over the last few years, people have enjoyed their outdoor spaces more than ever before. Gone are the days of a simple back deck or patio – total outdoor living spaces…
outdoor speakers

What Does Custom Mean? Let’s Talk About Outdoor Speakers

To throw a great party you need three things: nachos (everybody loves nachos), the perfect atmosphere, and most importantly, a bumping speaker system. With warmer weather just around the corner, there’s no better venue than your own backyard.…
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What Does Custom Mean? Let’s Talk Automated Shades

We live in Southwestern Ontario – and when it comes to weather it means two things: our winters get cold and our summers get hot. But even on the most frigid and fiery of days, there’s nothing like basking in the rays of natural sunlight.…
Advantages of Traditional Electromagnet

Advantages of Traditional Electromagnet vs Electrostatic Speakers

Electromagnetic speakers are easily recognized and understood, but what advantages to thin panel electrostatic speakers provide, and how do they deliver?
Energy Conservation? Improve it with Window Coverings
Interactive Learning Environment - Converting Any Room

Interactive Learning Environment – Converting Any Room

If we ever needed an interactive learning environment, the time is now. Spring 2020 certainly put home technology to the test.  With everyone hunkered down; parents working from the home office, children trying to connect online for distance…

Want to Join our Team?

PM WYRE is growing and is looking for new team members. Currently we have the following openings: Security Technician AV Technician Installer Audio Video Integrator - Lead Installer  

Ultimate SuperBowl Party On CH Morning Live

Catch Stewart hosting Tim Bolen from CH Morning Live for the Ultimate Super Bowl Bash. Football, golf, burgers and poutine... a Super Fan's dream come true.  

Simple Solutions for Seniors

Simple solutions for seniors are the key to keeping in their homes for as long as possible.   Whether you are planning for your own future or considering relatives who are in need of assistance now, the latest technology can help aging adults…

Outdoor Living on CH Morning Live

This August we joined our neighbours in Downtown Burlington to share great outdoor lifestyle trends with Tim Bolen of CH Morning Live.  Check out the Interview    

Transform Your Outdoor Living Experience

Want to transform your outdoor living experience?  Creating a space that is as functional for entertaining as it is for relaxing, is ultimately what we all want – indoors and out.  So when designing your outdoor space, don’t stop at…