Energy Use

Going Green at the office is no longer just harvesting daylight and dimming the lights.

“Meaningful reductions in energy usage and utility costs can only be achieved by integrating all building systems on a single, intelligent building platform.”

At PMWYRE our green initiatives can provide you with the ability to view every light, AV and environmental device throughout your facility, at a single glance in real time.

Control lights, temperature and shade positions from any touch screen or web-enabled device. Install Occupancy Sensors to detect when a room is occupied, so never again will you ask your staff – “who left the lights on?”

Let us connect every room and building so that you can manage, monitor and schedule for peak performance and optimal energy savings. With the Management Software that we install and integrate, you can monitor power consumption and renewable energy sources, and automatically draw from the most cost effective source.

Let us provide you with solutions for reduced energy consumption and a greener environment for tomorrow.

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