Lighting your business can be a huge cost. Remember when every office tower was lit up all night because it cost less to keep the lights on?

Today, with smart Green initiatives, you don’t have to choose between being energy efficient and saving your business money.

Managing the costs in your business starts with optimizing the lighting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This includes not only controlling the actual lights, but complementing your lighting system with automated window shades, and integrated heating systems to manage the temperature for comfort and efficiency. We have solutions that are simple to program, simple to adjust,and are completely backed up…. just in case.

We can help you make your business instantly Greener with these Energy Saving Lighting Solutions.

Light Control

Dimming a standard halogen or incandescent light bulb by 25% saves 20% lighting energy. Dim more and you’ll save even more. Vacancy sensors and a time clock also help save energy by turning off lights when they are not needed.

Potential Energy Savings: 20%

Shade Control

Controllable window shades can save you 10% on heating and cooling costs by blocking the sun’s rays in summer and letting sun in to warm a room during colder months.

Potential Energy Savings: 10%

Temperature Control

Temperature control is the perfect complement to light and shade control because it provides the ability to adjust heating and cooling systems any time of day – even while away from your home, saving up to 16% or more of heating and cooling energy usage.

Potential Energy Savings: 16%

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