A Case Study:

Baeumler Quality Construction and our clients were custom designing a recreational space in their basement for their family. The 4000sqft area was going to be multi-functional including a Home Theatre, a Games Room with a Concession Stand, a Home Gym, a Sitting area, and a secret X-Box Room. The clients wanted their amazing new rec space to have seamless electronic integration throughout which included multi-zone audio and lighting automation.

The Client was looking for PM WYRE to work closely with their Interior Designer to create solutions to meet high standards of design, their desire for quality sound and a quality theatre experience, and a system that would be easy for all members of the family to use.


Home Theatre:
We designed an 11.2 Dolby Atmos Theatre using Martin Logan in-ceiling and in-wall speakers—our clients and their Interior Designer wanted the speakers to be invisible but to still sound fantastic. To do this we used Martin Logan Architectural series speakers. We installed: 4 Martin Logan Electrostatic speakers, EM-IW, 4 Martin Logan Helos 12 and 2 Martin Logan Dynamo 1000 Sub-Woofers and 3 Tannoy bookshelf speakers re-purposed from our clients’ old theatre, which we hid behind the screen. The screen that we used was custom made for our clients by Stewart Filmscreens and featured acoustically transparent material. The high definition JVC projector was re-purposed from our client’s previous home. We custom-designed Acoustic panels with fabric chosen by their Designer, hid all of the components in the AV rack in the furnace room and integrated all of the systems to be controlled from one simple remote-the RTI SURF-IR. The components included in the rack were: Apple TV, Bell Satellite, Marantz high definition Blu-Ray player, Marantz Receivers-SR7009 and MM7025, RTI XP6 processor.

X-Box Room:
This “secret” room is discretely hidden behind a bookshelf. We installed custom LED lights and custom shelving to hide the messy X-Box wires, and installed Martin Logan Motion 2 speakers and a Martin Logan Dynamo Sub to create the ultimate gaming experience for their son and his friends. We used the incredibly sexy Marantz Slim Line receiver NR 1504 to drive the speakers, and the TV was re-purposed from our clients’ upstairs.

Home Gym:
We chose to use a custom mount for the TV in the Gym so that the screen can be viewed from all angles in the room. As in the other rooms, the TV is connected to Satellite and surround sound (we used Martin Logan in ceiling speakers –ML 60i), all components are completely out of sight, and the sound and TV are connected via one RTI remote.  Find out more about the design elements of the home gym in a blog and video created by the designer for this project, Creating Contrast Designs‘ Claire Jefford.

Sitting Area:
This lounging space is designed with a 65” Sony HDR TV mounted above the fireplace, complemented with a Martin Logan sound bar optimizing audio quality in the viewing area. Again all the wires were completely concealed within the wall and all of the components – Apple TV, Bell — can easily be controlled from one RTI remote control.

Automated Lighting:
To provide an integrated lighting solution in the theatre room, we installed Lutron RA2 lighting which can easily be controlled by the RTI remote or iPAD.

Multi-Zone Audio:
It was very important to our clients to be able to use the various rooms simultaneously, ensuring that each area could be playing different music and audio from the TV and / or Games at the same time. To achieve this result we installed a RTI AD4X system, again hiding all the components in the rack in the furnace room. To complement the surround sound in the Home Theatre and the X-Box Room, we installed more Martin Logan Architectural Series in-ceiling speakers above the Pool Table and in the Concession Stand.

The Outcome: Our clients are thrilled with their new basement living space, giving them a space that is both functional and family-friendly.