A Case Study:
Our client, the owner of the incredibly busy and very hip Salon Red in Downtown Burlington, had recently relocated to a new space in the Village Square.  It was imperative to the owner that the new Salon be functional, design-forward, and have amazing surround sound and invisible, reliable WIFI /Network connections.

Being a busy hair salon, we knew that the sound system would constantly be competing with the background noise from the hum of dryers, water faucets and the constant cacophony of noise.   The acoustic challenges presented by the space itself featured two levels of ceilings (low and vaulted), many reflective surfaces, and a concrete floor with no walls nearby in which to run wire.  Wireless WIFI was not an option as the connections are not consistently reliable.

Recognizing both the acoustic and the wiring challenges of the space, coupled with the owner’s desire for great sound, we developed a solution that not only looked great but also provides fantastic sound and offered the reliability needed to operate his business.

We installed 2 Martin Logan 60i in-ceiling speakers into the lower ceiling– the speakers are virtually invisible and are painted the same colour as the ceiling. On the side of the vaulted ceiling, we installed 2 black Crestron pendant speakers. We then custom-designed acoustic panels to reduce the echo and noise from the “workings” of the Salon. Finally, we trenched a network cable to the Reception Desk, solving the concrete flooring issue.

The owner and stylists at Salon Red are ecstatic with the final result. Not only do they love the sound, but their customers are constantly commenting on the look!