What Does Custom Mean? Let’s Talk About Outdoor Speakers

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To throw a great party you need three things: nachos (everybody loves nachos), the perfect atmosphere, and most importantly, a bumping speaker system. With warmer weather just around the corner, there’s no better venue than your own backyard. As for the best nacho toppings? That’s for someone else to decide. But if you need help setting up the perfect outdoor sound system – we’ve got your back.

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A Bluetooth speaker on a deck doesn’t cut it these days when it comes to outdoor sound. There is a lot to consider, and our experts are here to help you get started. We begin with a complimentary on-site consultation to view your space. Here is where we’ll look for key pieces of information that will help us design the best system for your needs. For example, do you have an existing system that we will be tying into? How many speakers do you need? Where will the listening area be? How many square feet does the sound need to cover? Will we need to trench for lines? That sort of thing.

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From there, we develop a system design. If you happen to have drawings of your backyard project (for example a new build or renovation), we are able to plot the speakers onto the drawings for you to see. If you don’t have drawings, we will advise you where the speakers will go. We may put two by the pool, one by the cabana, two on the house, for example. Each project is designed specifically for your needs and budget.

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Enhancing the experience of your backyard and home is key in our design process. More speakers don’t necessarily mean louder sound. Our goal is to disperse the sound properly around the property ensuring sound isn’t too loud or too quiet throughout your outdoor space. We can also tie sound into soundbars, TVs, and existing systems. All outdoor speakers are designed for the elements and can stay outdoors all year long! Fun fact: there are even speakers that can go IN the pool. All outdoor speakers (tv and equipment) are rugged, all-weather, and water-proof with endless mounting and placement options.

deck speakers

Just how custom can we go? Here is where design elements can get really cool. Most custom speakers can be matched to any plant/pot/hardscape or existing landscaping in your yard. Some speakers can even go into masonry – for example, into a brick wall and it can be matched. How’s that for a game of eye spy? The goal is to minimize their visual presence (speakers and electronics) in your interior or landscape décor. The result is a refined entertainment experience without disrupting the beauty of your surroundings. We can also mount your speakers anywhere! On the ground, on a deck rail, in a tree, or under an eave. And the best part, certain lines, such as The Installer SeriesTM by Martin Logan are affordable high-end products, which are perfect for almost every budget.

planter speakers

Then, there’s higher-end James Loudspeaker – which offers a truly custom experience. James Loudspeaker has the unique capability of designing and manufacturing totally custom solutions to your installation problems. This can be as simple as a special paint colour dimension change or driver upgrade to an existing product, or as complex as an entirely new product. Since almost all of their enclosures are hand fabricated from aircraft-grade aluminum, they can custom fabricate just about any shape or size system. Custom networks are also designed by their engineering team and even special transducers are developed if required.

When it comes to installation – we work with what you have. If your project is a renovation or a new build, we work with your landscaper or contractor to run the conduit as the work is being done. If we’re on the existing yard, we will trench and direct bury wires and lines as unobtrusively as possible. And once we’re gone, it will look like we were never there! (Though, it will certainly sound different).

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