What Does Custom Mean? Let’s Talk About Outdoor Entertainment: TVs and Custom Shades

While summer parties and backyard barbecues have taken a bit of a hiatus over the last few years, people have enjoyed their outdoor spaces more than ever before. Gone are the days of a simple back deck or patio – total outdoor living spaces are growing in popularity. This doesn’t just mean cozy outdoor sectionals and firepits – outdoor kitchens, covered areas, and outdoor technologies such as televisions, lighting, and automatic shades have expanded into the great outdoors.

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At PMWYRE, we create custom outdoor living spaces with all the fixings for music, TV, WiFi, lighting, automatic outdoor shades, etc. But what exactly does custom mean?

There is a lot to consider when creating an outdoor entertainment space, and our experts are here to help you get started. We begin with a complimentary on-site consultation to view your space. Here is where we look for critical pieces of information to help us design the best space for your needs. For example, will the TV be in full sun or under a shaded porch? TVs located in full sun require a brighter panel and must be able to operate safely in full sun without overheating. The good news is, Outdoor TVs are made for outdoors – they’re weatherproof! This means they are made to protect against water, humidity, dust, and insects. Spiders love those warm TVs and can wreak havoc on indoor TVs that have been placed outside. Another bonus: outdoor TVs don’t need to be brought in during the winter.

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When it comes to outdoor TVs, we carry two brands: Samsung the Terrace and Seura. Both brands are 4K HDR and go up to 85”.  With screens three times brighter than indoor TVs, these TVs cast a picture you can actually see in bright sunlight.

For multi-use spaces or a space where a TV could block a view (of a pool or landscape feature), we can install a Nexus Lift. These lips flip down, drop down, pop up, and swivel! They can hide your TV when it’s not in use or make it easy to maneuver the TV’s angel around your space. The lifts are powder coated and stainless steel for protection from the elements.

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Moving onto sound…

When it comes to your sound system, the type of speakers and placement are some of the most important things to consider.  At PMWYRE we will work with you to design a speaker system with an even volume coverage and unbelievable sound throughout any sized outdoor space. We have everything from tower speakers which will deliver a concert level performance to small satellite speakers with “knock their socks off” sound, and subterranean subwoofers that are completely out of sight under plants and in the foliage.  Mounting a soundbar below the TV? James Loudspeaker soundbars mount nearly below TVs or at the sides (no exposed wires) and can be completely customized to match the size and colour of each TV.  The soundbars are made from aircraft-grade aluminum and are made to withstand the elements. We have speakers that can be placed in the ceiling of covered patios, in walls, on walls, or in landscaping (completely discretely, too!). We have something for every budget. James Loudspeaker, Sonance, Martin Logan, and Sonos are some of our favourite outdoor speaker manufacturers’.

To take custom to the next level, we have a sound solution to accommodate the unique requirements of each installation. We can even engineer speakers to fit unusual spaces, match a unique finish, or fabricate a grille from specialty material.

What about Wifi?

To stream music, movies, or the game – you’ll need good WiFi. And the best placement for it is outside with the rest of your equipment. When considering the placement and installation of your WiFi, we consider your whole set-up and your needs. Do you want guests to have their own login? We can create a guest network one separate from the main home.  Our design will include outdoor access points to ensure you have full coverage. Guests will be able to stream their own playlist, movie, or family video using airplay or Smartthings. This makes sharing and celebrating easy – so you can focus on the things that truly matter.

And finally, shades:

To make your outdoor space feel like an extension of your indoor space, you can add custom shades. Brands like Screen Innovations and Clara can expand your home’s square footage with a completely sealed living environment. Our favourite features: they keep out the bugs (yuck!) and keep in heat during cooler months to extend your outdoor season. When it comes to custom, outdoor shades can be fully automated, smart home ready, and colour matched to help them blend into your space. They also have obstacle detection and can be paired to wind sensors, so they auto-roll in case of high winds.

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Music, movies, TV, WiFi, cozy bug-free spaces – from simple designs to fully custom packages, we can make your backyard space THE place to be this summer.