What Does Custom Mean? Let’s Talk Home Security

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There is nothing more important than feeling safe in your own home – or even when you’re away from it. Your items are precious, but even more so, the people that you love. While home security systems have been around for decades, with growing technology they’ve come a long way. And even then, home security is more than just a nifty system. To protect your home, your valuables, and your family from break-ins, it’s important to have a well-rounded approach to home security. This is where we can help.

According to the Halton Regional Police, burglars feel safer committing a crime if they’re certain no one is home. Suspects will often target houses where the lawn hasn’t been cut or the snow hasn’t been cleared. The same goes for houses that are completely dark or have had the same lights on for too long. Our solution: vacation mode. At PMWYRE, we create vacation scenes to mimic your normal routines. With the touch of a button when you leave, you can set “vacation mode” on your home system. This will automatically turn your lights on and off, open and close shades, and it can even turn TVs and music on and off – exactly like you would when you’re at home.

pmwyre security

There are a number of simple ways to reduce the possibility of a break and enter, such as installing locks on all doors and windows, locking your garage, and installing a security system.  We can help with anything “technical” and provide increased security from the touch of a button.

Just how custom can you go? There are endless possibilities.

From a simple alarm system to a fully integrated security system, there are a number of ways to incorporate additional safety measures into your home (or cottage). At PMWYRE, we offer the design, installation, and maintain full-service alarm systems for every need and budget. All systems (camera, video, doorbell, alarm, lights, shades) can be managed through a single app. And even better, you can access the feed from anywhere in the world. Some of our favourite features:

  • Video doorbell intercom: view a live feed from the camera anytime. You can answer from virtually anywhere in the world. No one will know if you are home or away on vacation.
  • Door locks: give instant access to visitors and disarm your security system with a single command
  • Get alerted when your family arrives home, when someone is late, or when you forget to lock up.
  • No more keys! Digital codes mean you don’t have to rely on keys.
  • In the event of a fire or carbon monoxide exposure, the monitoring station will automatically call 911 for you if you can’t call for help. Ordinary smoke and fire detectors only offer limited protection – ours are connected to a central station and can also send notifications to your smart device for you to verify or cancel if it’s just burnt toast.

pmwyre security

And there’s even more!  We also offer leak and flood detection and security cameras.  This means, our systems can detect leaks (such as a hot water tank, sump pump, or split dishwasher hose) and will send a notification right to your smartphone. In some cases, you can even close the water valve from the app on your smartphone to prevent further damage. With security cameras, you can constantly be in the know about what’s happening at home. We help by strategically placing cameras around your home – such as driveways, front doors, garage, windows, and backyard – wherever matters to your most, and then provide you with access to the stream from virtually anywhere in the world. The footage can be uploaded locally or to a cloud in case you need to review it or provide it to the police. Some also come with built-in mics so you can hear the audio in addition to viewing colour images.

pmwyre security

We use Crestron and Control 4 as the home automation platform to integrate with our DSC and Qolsys security systems. In addition to all the bells and whistles listed above, they have these extra features:

  • We can program individual user codes…think: your neighbour, Uncle Steve, or your cleaner. Access can be removed just as easily as it was set up.
  • Pets can cause false alarms if you have motion sensors inside your home. We can install pet immune motion sensors and take into consideration the size of the pet, and the feasibility of installing a motion sensor (if your dog is very large, we can look at other options)
  • A system connected to a central monitoring station can quickly alert police if the alarm is activated. We work with a ULC-listed central monitoring station that monitors your home 24/7

If you already have a home security system, please sign up for our Alarm Program. We recommend this to all our clients in the Halton region.

Your home is personal and your space is unique – your home security system should be too. Give us a call, and we’ll be happy to visit your site and design the perfect system for you.