Interactive Learning Environment – Converting Any Room

Interactive Learning Environment - Converting Any Room

If we ever needed an interactive learning environment, the time is now. Spring 2020 certainly put home technology to the test.  With everyone hunkered down; parents working from the home office, children trying to connect online for distance learning, and lots of online shopping, streaming, and gaming – we quickly learned the limits of our home technology.

Now that students are back at school full-time both physically and virtually, the challenges are somewhat different.  No longer are we just looking just to connect, we are looking for ways to optimize the online learning experience for our children.

Of course, laptops, earbuds, and headphones are a part of the new back-to-school wish list, but have you considered what other solutions are available?

One simple solution is to convert any room in your home into an interactive learning environment. A simple system for routing your laptop video to your TV screen will enhance lesson viewing. The larger display screen, adaptable to the different platforms that teachers may use for instruction and collaboration, is helpful for detailed work and comprehending instruction.  It will allow children to see the lessons more clearly, and provide the freedom to participate and move throughout the room while learning.

Take it a step further by turning your family room TV into a monitor for viewing your child’s lessons and sync your surround sound speakers to your computer for a completely immersive experience.

Let us help you implement new strategies to create a positive learning environment in your home, making the most of your space and resources. We have solutions to fit your family’s unique needs and your budget. For more information or to get started, contact us at pmwyre.com