Transform Your Outdoor Living Experience

Want to transform your outdoor living experience? 

Creating a space that is as functional for entertaining as it is for relaxing, is ultimately what we all want – indoors and out.  So when designing your outdoor space, don’t stop at the furniture and the gardens.  Whether you have a city condo or a huge lakeside property, lighting and music are critical elements to create the mood – day or night.

Getting Started

When you think about your outdoor space, think of how you live in the space – year-round.  Imagine yourself on a Saturday afternoon with a pool full of kids, and then imagine yourself on a quiet Sunday morning.  Where will you be sitting?  Where will your guests be?  From this perspective, you can begin to look at your space in  “functional areas”,  which will be critical as you decide on the placement of lighting and speakers.



The first thing people are usually concerned with when installing technology outdoors is ‘blasting out the neighbours’.  In fact, putting in a quality sound system will do just the opposite.  Well-placed speakers, integrated into “functional areas” will ensure that you can control the volume versus blasting music throughout the entire property.

Two reputable choices are Crestron’s Air Landscape Speakers that disappear into your garden and even into your trees, and Martin Logan’s All-Weather series that are built for year-round use.


  1. Entertaining in your home and your backyard.  If your indoor living spaces open to your outdoor spaces, you will want the music to flow outside with your guests.
  2. More speakers allow you to control the volume and the direction of the sound in specific areas, providing you with better sound coverage
  3. Don’t let your imagination be limited by existing power outlets or wiring.  There are lots of options and possibilities that provide optimal quality sound and won’t require digging up your entire property!



Just like dimmers inside your house, outdoor lighting can create the right mood when you are entertaining – and help you see when you need to work!  The added benefit of good lighting is that it can offer added security, and improve energy savings.



  1. Patio and deck lights to create ambiance for entertaining;
  2. Task lighting over your grill and work areas;
  3. Candlelight and dimmable electronic lamps for dining;
  4. Pool lighting to showcase the pool and add safe lighting for night swims;
  5. Pathway lighting to guide your guests through your property;
  6. Garden lighting to accentuate your landscape.


Making it Easy

Perhaps the best part of planning your lighting and music is connecting it all.  Not only will it make entertaining simple, but it will also significantly impact your energy savings.

Simple programming to automate lighting and music can be used to transition spaces throughout your yard from a sunny afternoon to a romantic evening.  Best of all, you can make changes at the touch of a button from your iPad, phone, or control panel.

Ready to transform your outdoor living experience? Get an Automation Specialist involved in your project.  They can walk you through planning and system design and will work with you or directly with your Landscape Architect to bring your vision to life.



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