Simple Solutions for Seniors

Simple solutions for seniors are the key to keeping in their homes for as long as possible.   Whether you are planning for your own future or considering relatives who are in need of assistance now, the latest technology can help aging adults stay in their homes safely, while providing family members with peace of mind.

Here are key things to consider before investing.

1. Eliminate Obstacles

Getting up in the middle of the night, fumbling for light switches, trying to adjust hard-to-reach blinds, making unnecessary trips up and downstairs to check the furnace or answer the door.  These tasks are the leading source of falls and injuries for aging adults.  Modifications including automated lighting and automated shades can help eliminate obstacles that make homes unsafe while offering benefits such as energy savings.  Consider features like Occupancy Lighting, set to automatically turn on the lights when you enter a room and turn off the lights when you leave; and lighting and window shades that are pre-programmed to adjust throughout the day and evening.

2. Smart Security Systems

Security Systems today are not just for protecting the perimeter of the home.  Many of them also incorporate monitors for the HVAC system, water (flooding) sensors, fire, and CO2 sensors. Front door cameras can be easily installed and viewed on any touch screen (including automatically popping up on the television screen) eliminating unnecessary trips to the door.  Additionally, remote entry control, allows you to provide access to caregivers or visitors without having to provide keys.

The added bonus is that the security system can be monitored remotely.  This allows caregivers or family members to manage all of the home’s systems (including adjusting the thermostat) from anywhere in the world.

3. Keep it Simple

While there are a variety of one-off technology solutions flooding the market today, it is worth investing in an integrated solution.

With an integrated system, you can operate everything from the two-way security monitoring to the volume on the television, all from one device.  Imagine eliminating multiple remotes and replacing them with one simple, intuitive control panel operated from your choice of a handheld device, iPad, or even a phone.  The best part is that you can access and monitor one integrated system remotely when you or other family members are away.

The most important step you can take before you invest is to speak to a professional who understands both Senior Living needs and the technologies available.   They will meet with you to assess the needs of your family, the living space itself, and the way to implement solutions for seniors in your life.



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